Backup & System Imaging

Backing up your information is the most important task you must perform regularly to avoid disaster. Once your data is deleted and overwritten, it cannot be retrieved. Don't lose those precious Photos, that important Financial Data, your Friends & Family Contact Details. Save that School, College, University work, before it's too late. Let us help by....

Backup Devices

System Imaging

This allows us to take a complete Copy of your System with all of your Software Installed, and Exactly how it is Configured and Working Now.

When Disaster strikes, we can Simply Restore the Complete Image back to your System and get you up and running quickly, without the need to start at the beginning again, Re-Installing Windows and all of the Software that took you an age to Install and Configure.

This is an Absolute Must these days as one thing is Guaranteed, that at some point YOU WILL Have to Re-Install Windows.

Prices From £20 (subject to conditions, contact us for information)