Broadband Setup & Installation

If you require help installing and configuring broadband, we can send an engineer to visit you in your own home.

If your internet provider only supplied you with a wired broadband modem and you would like to have the functionality of wireless internet, you can purchase a wireless option from us or your local store. This would allow you to access the internet from almost anywhere in your house.


When manufacturers send out their equipment, it has no security settings switched on, so it is vital that you have an engineer check the equipment and configure it correctly.

The biggest problem with this is that anyone can connect to your broadband anonymously and carry out criminal activity and or access any information that is stored on your computer.

All activity on your broadband connection is logged by your Internet Service Provider under Your Name and Your Account. We can configure your wireless equipment so that it is secure and your internet connection is used only by you.


If you have a wired broadband modem, the setup process is much simpler and is usually quicker. An engineer can visit you, perform installation tasks and have you surfing the web before you know it.

Prices From £20 (subject to conditions, contact us for information)