Data Recovery

If you have deleted a document, file, folder or picture by mistake, do not save anything, just switch off your computer and contact us.

When you delete a file from your device, it has not really been deleted. The disk inside your device has a table where it stores addresses. The address table contains a list of file names and their location on the disk. Instead of actually deleting the data, the entry from the address table is deleted. This means that when you next try to save a file to your device, the device looks at the address table for the next available free area and will write the file there. This will overwrite what was originally there. Switching off your device swiftly will greatly improve our chance of being able to recover your information for you.

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On some occasions hard disks fail and your computer may become unbootable. If this is the case, we can still access the data for you

We can recover data from:

  • Camera Memory Cards,
  • Phone Memory Cards
  • PC or Laptop Hard Drives
  • Floppy Discs, CD's & DVD's
  • External Hard Drives
  • Portable USB drives
  • Prices From £10 (subject to conditions, contact us for information)