PC Upgrades

There are many ways in which you can upgrade a computer, as there are many benefits in doing so. You may want a speed increase, larger storage capacity, or have the need to process more jobs at once. As technology advances, it brings with it some new and wonderful options that have a heavier demand on your system. Upgrading your system can be a cheaper alternative to replacing it. Check out some of the various options available below….


Increasing your computer memory is a simple process and can be installed by an engineer within a few minutes. Memory prices have fallen recently, so now is the perfect time to invest. A module is installed into your system which will instantly improve the overall performance of your system. It will allow you to run more than one program at a time, increasing response times. This is the most cost effective way to improve the speed of your system.


The faster the speed of your processor (Mhz / Ghz), the faster tasks are performed, the faster your computer starts, and the more responsive it will become.


These days it is possible for you to be able to create your own Videos, Music Compilations and Photo Slide Shows. Why not add a Multi Function CD & DVD Writer to enable you to save and share your creations.


We can install a secondary drive in your computer to give you extra storage space. Be this for Music Files, Video Files, Image Files or anything you want to store electronically.


Computers are now fast becoming the centre of our Digital Life. With our busy lifestyles, we may not always be able to watch the programs we want at the broadcasted time. The addition of a TV Tuner Card enables you to watch TV on Your PC. Options vary from just a Card to Receive TV Programs to one to Record and Pause Live TV.

We can supply many new and second user parts at very reasonable prices, just contact us with you requirements and we will be happy to supply you with a quotation.

Prices From £10 + Parts (subject to conditions, contact us for information)